Sunday, February 22, 2009

How fail is this?

A lot's happened since I last posted, but there's one thing in particular I'd like to address. I've finally gotten a job after the last one I had (which was retail sales at a halloween store in October last year. >->) This one is a pretty good paying job for what I have to do. Office services clerk, meaning all I'd have to do to get a paycheck is to walk around about every 4 hours delivering mail, copying, sometimes faxing, and answer phones. And it's no where near minimum wage. O:

However there are some major fail aspects to this:
For one, my mother has been working at the law firm for over 10 years. (You can tell how I got the job. xD) So I'd be getting to see her EVERY SINGLE DAY now.

Another aspect: it's a Monday through Friday job that goes until 5:30. So I go straight there from class. >< It seems like I won't be able to have time for anything else other than school, work, eat, and sleep, right? But I'm Yuka, I'll somehow make time and room for everything else. :] Somehow.

Our AkiYuka time has been nearly cut away. Nearly being the key word. As I said I'll somehow find a way to make it.

Overall mission............................................I don't know yet. I'll let you know once I start working.


PS: Aki, I promise I'll remember it. :] <3

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