Saturday, February 14, 2009

Jschool Performance

Today was the day when the taiko drummers from the Japanese navy were coming to perform for the Japanese school that we go to. The only problem was, they decided not to bring the drums was too cold...? I think that's what is was... O.o

Anyways, last Saturday, Sensei hands Aki and I a paper of music and says "You'll be performing this next Saturday!"

Aki & I: O: -stares at paper- -looks back up at sensei- O.o ...... O.O -silence-

Sensei: And I like you to sing American song! 1 each!

Us: o.o ..... ._. fuck....

So, a week later, we've had multiple practices, but still don't have all the lyrics memorized and in no way shape or form ready to perform our American songs. We had to go up in front and introduce ourselves in Japanese and sing the typical Furusato that we always sing. x.x

And to answer your question, no we didn't perform our American songs, in which were Misery Business (by Paramore) and Hot N Cold (by Katy Perry, yes it was going to be as a joke. xD).

Someone (big hint) decides that they were going to sing the traditional Japanese song with Aki & I, even they didn't practice with us at all. I asked if they knew it, and they said, "Yeah! I know it! I've been practicing it for 3 days using YouTube!" Okay, I think, we'll see how this goes... So we perform.

Me: -within the first sentence of the song- HOLD UP! #1) YOUR TIMING WAS OFF, #2) THE LYRICS WERE WRONG, and #3) SEVERAL OF YOUR NOTES WERE WAAAAAAY OFF! 3 days of youtube practice, huh? I think we've already established that we can't trust anything you say anymore right? Good. x.x And GOD we butchered that song. Let's see if anymore Japanese navy guys even WANT to come back to visit. For this song, mission............FAILED!

-deep breath- okay.... I'm done....for now. Other than that, it was a very enjoyable day. :] We got to talk to some of the guys in Japanese, met new people, and went to the Conji Anime meeting, in which changed the name because of a con in Canada, and attempted to get more staff and plans to make flyers and organize... -coughcough-

Today wasn't too bad, just a mix of a lot of different things happening. x.x I still had fun with the VIP performance in the front room at Jschool. :] We rocked.


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