Monday, February 2, 2009

After School Study Session

So after school today, I went to Aki's house to have a study session so I could help her with math and she could help me with Japanese and my Comm speech. First off, we went to the bank so I could give her the money to get her new phone. Yes, my friends, I'm sad to say I was the one who dropped it in the toilet... T-T

After, we were hungry and went to Taco Bell. It's the cheapest food that we will eat. :] I think that lady is going to get tired of us coming in nearly every single week... >->

After eating, we came back to Aki's house only to get distracted (as we both tend to be xD) by looking up songs to cover. And finally, we ended up watching Pineapple Express.



What a study session, right? At least I found it educational...

Overall mission.............failed.

(Did anyone get that? They get fail cookies. :] The good kind.)


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