Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Winter's Here!

Yeah, I know my last post was back in summer. But I'm trying to keep it up? I guess. xD
Fall semester is almost over! So glad. x.x I need the break to start up a workout schedule. Aki and I are planning to cosplay Xena and Gabrielle from the show (you can guess who's going to be who...), so slimming down is required. xD

And dang, do I need a job. T-T I need to pay for school first of all (didn't get financial aid this year), and I need more sewing supplies, especially since I got a new sewing machine from my grandma about a couple months ago, and I've been itching to test it out beyond test stitches and hemming pants. Also need monnies for wigs, to pay off my SDCCI ticket, and to add to the ALA gas/hotel pot. It's coming up soon, and I want to pillage artist's alley. D:

Other news is I might have straight A's for this semester. Hopefully. >< I'll have to be studying my butt off for finals in a few weeks. Anyways, gotta go and do math homowork with Aki. x.x


PS: Both Aki and I miss Miki! And I miss our carne asada fry "adventures". T-T