Sunday, February 22, 2009

How fail is this?

A lot's happened since I last posted, but there's one thing in particular I'd like to address. I've finally gotten a job after the last one I had (which was retail sales at a halloween store in October last year. >->) This one is a pretty good paying job for what I have to do. Office services clerk, meaning all I'd have to do to get a paycheck is to walk around about every 4 hours delivering mail, copying, sometimes faxing, and answer phones. And it's no where near minimum wage. O:

However there are some major fail aspects to this:
For one, my mother has been working at the law firm for over 10 years. (You can tell how I got the job. xD) So I'd be getting to see her EVERY SINGLE DAY now.

Another aspect: it's a Monday through Friday job that goes until 5:30. So I go straight there from class. >< It seems like I won't be able to have time for anything else other than school, work, eat, and sleep, right? But I'm Yuka, I'll somehow make time and room for everything else. :] Somehow.

Our AkiYuka time has been nearly cut away. Nearly being the key word. As I said I'll somehow find a way to make it.

Overall mission............................................I don't know yet. I'll let you know once I start working.


PS: Aki, I promise I'll remember it. :] <3

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Jschool Performance

Today was the day when the taiko drummers from the Japanese navy were coming to perform for the Japanese school that we go to. The only problem was, they decided not to bring the drums was too cold...? I think that's what is was... O.o

Anyways, last Saturday, Sensei hands Aki and I a paper of music and says "You'll be performing this next Saturday!"

Aki & I: O: -stares at paper- -looks back up at sensei- O.o ...... O.O -silence-

Sensei: And I like you to sing American song! 1 each!

Us: o.o ..... ._. fuck....

So, a week later, we've had multiple practices, but still don't have all the lyrics memorized and in no way shape or form ready to perform our American songs. We had to go up in front and introduce ourselves in Japanese and sing the typical Furusato that we always sing. x.x

And to answer your question, no we didn't perform our American songs, in which were Misery Business (by Paramore) and Hot N Cold (by Katy Perry, yes it was going to be as a joke. xD).

Someone (big hint) decides that they were going to sing the traditional Japanese song with Aki & I, even they didn't practice with us at all. I asked if they knew it, and they said, "Yeah! I know it! I've been practicing it for 3 days using YouTube!" Okay, I think, we'll see how this goes... So we perform.

Me: -within the first sentence of the song- HOLD UP! #1) YOUR TIMING WAS OFF, #2) THE LYRICS WERE WRONG, and #3) SEVERAL OF YOUR NOTES WERE WAAAAAAY OFF! 3 days of youtube practice, huh? I think we've already established that we can't trust anything you say anymore right? Good. x.x And GOD we butchered that song. Let's see if anymore Japanese navy guys even WANT to come back to visit. For this song, mission............FAILED!

-deep breath- okay.... I'm done....for now. Other than that, it was a very enjoyable day. :] We got to talk to some of the guys in Japanese, met new people, and went to the Conji Anime meeting, in which changed the name because of a con in Canada, and attempted to get more staff and plans to make flyers and organize... -coughcough-

Today wasn't too bad, just a mix of a lot of different things happening. x.x I still had fun with the VIP performance in the front room at Jschool. :] We rocked.


Saturday, February 7, 2009

National Aki Day!

February 5th. This day, I celebrated National Aki Day with my friends, and it was wonderful. :]

Just so y'all knows, Aki is one of my best friends, and I'm proud to call her that. I would do almost anything and everything for this chick. Even though we've only known each other for the amount of time that we have, we've definitely been through a lot together.

As I said, February 5th was National Aki Day, meaning it was the -blank-th anniversary of Aki irritating the crap out of her parents. :3 In celebration, I spent 2 1/2 days with her, and it's the most fun I've had since we went up to ALA. Corvette Diner, laser tag, and shopping (no matter what you say Aki, I DID have fun window shopping).

Overall, I would say this was only partial fail, and we all know why... ><

I love you Aki! More than yaoi, music, and 8 hours with Gackt covered in chocolate on a vespa. You honestly don't know how much you've done for me. <3


Monday, February 2, 2009

After School Study Session

So after school today, I went to Aki's house to have a study session so I could help her with math and she could help me with Japanese and my Comm speech. First off, we went to the bank so I could give her the money to get her new phone. Yes, my friends, I'm sad to say I was the one who dropped it in the toilet... T-T

After, we were hungry and went to Taco Bell. It's the cheapest food that we will eat. :] I think that lady is going to get tired of us coming in nearly every single week... >->

After eating, we came back to Aki's house only to get distracted (as we both tend to be xD) by looking up songs to cover. And finally, we ended up watching Pineapple Express.



What a study session, right? At least I found it educational...

Overall mission.............failed.

(Did anyone get that? They get fail cookies. :] The good kind.)


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Friend (aka Fail) Drama (venting)

I believe I have just lost someone in my life that I was friends with in high school. This person has posted a blog on myspace about it and told me to "fuck off". Here's my response:

I'm sorry you feel that way. On second thought, no I don't.

I'm glad we were friends when we were, but I've come to realize that we've both changed, whether it be for good or bad.

I believe that people shouldn't have to lie to be who they are. It creates a fake world. I've seen you lie many times over. I've heard you lie in that FAB accent that you should have lost when you 'came here for high school'. I've stood by listening and watching as only some people drink in those lies. But you don't fool me. Nor others. Nice try.

You say it's because you're trying to find yourself? For starters, try being truthful in your words. Baby steps hun, make all the difference in the world.

And posting it on 'myspace' for all your friends to see your drama instead of, what was it you said...'saying everything to our face?' seems like a pretty poor and immature way of dealing with things. You've definitely changed, because I don't remember you dealing with things this way the last time drama came up between us. Last time, you came right up to me and talked to me so there was minimal damage. But if you want this whole thing to draw attention to you, then by all means, go ahead. I won't be there to watch you get worshiped by hot asian men and okinawan girls. I'll be, as you have said previously, up ahead, working towards my ambitions, instead of settling down for being a housewife.

P.S.: I like how you gave me credit for my kimono in your 'photoshoots'. That was fucking hard work asshole. You try making something on your own for once.

Yep, that was my rant and ventings. I don't believe that we're done with this, but I would like to be. So much. Anyways....

I feel bad for making my first post about something angsty and definitely fail. D: Tomorrow I'll post something nice and happy and cheerful for you guys. :3 I love you two! <3

Failure of an Intro: The first post in the Fail Life

Well, I've decided to have a place where I can post things such as events that have happened in my life with family, friends, and such. But also a place where I can come and vent sometimes. It's basically going to be a place where my two friends, if they even decide to read this, and whoever else out there is interested (who would be though? I'm some random chick posting about her life. xD), can follow on what happens and my decisions, and whatever random shit I decide to post.

This blog is named Yuka Stars In: The Fail Life because it is so. So many good things happen, but there's also the fail things in life that you need to just sit in your fail corner eating your fail cookies, fail brownies, and fail milk that you got from joining the dark side.

Well, I don't know who's going to actually be following this, but you're welcome to follow. :] Unless you're a stalker trying to get to me or something. >-> The you can just go have fun with your independent scam website and eat take-out or something.