Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Winter's Here!

Yeah, I know my last post was back in summer. But I'm trying to keep it up? I guess. xD
Fall semester is almost over! So glad. x.x I need the break to start up a workout schedule. Aki and I are planning to cosplay Xena and Gabrielle from the show (you can guess who's going to be who...), so slimming down is required. xD

And dang, do I need a job. T-T I need to pay for school first of all (didn't get financial aid this year), and I need more sewing supplies, especially since I got a new sewing machine from my grandma about a couple months ago, and I've been itching to test it out beyond test stitches and hemming pants. Also need monnies for wigs, to pay off my SDCCI ticket, and to add to the ALA gas/hotel pot. It's coming up soon, and I want to pillage artist's alley. D:

Other news is I might have straight A's for this semester. Hopefully. >< I'll have to be studying my butt off for finals in a few weeks. Anyways, gotta go and do math homowork with Aki. x.x


PS: Both Aki and I miss Miki! And I miss our carne asada fry "adventures". T-T

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


You can be very muggy, dry, hot, and extremely unpleasant. How I loathe thee... except for when you bring San Diego Comic-Con around. Then I heart you. :D

Got into the Bio lab class, and it's well on it's way to being over. Theater class... Aki and I ended up missing a test last week. x.x

Anyways, I'm entirely ready for Comic Con next week. I just wish it would come sooner. D:

Friday, May 21, 2010

Busy Week

This week has been extremely busy so far, and it's about to get busier. I have 4 graduations to attend, 3 are in the family, and 2 of which is my neighbor's daughter and brother's later today. We have reservations tonight for dinner at P.F. Chang's in addition to a party-thing tomorrow with catered food, decorations, and cake. And you guys know my mom, everything in the house has to be museum-perfect and squeaky clean.

Still on the waitlist for summer classes. I really want to get into that Bio lab and Theater course. T-T

Aki's website is on its way to being completed. I just need to find a place to host it (for free). D: Any suggestions?

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Anime Conji - Day 3 (Sunday)

And once again, woke up around 8:30. How the hell do I do that? D: I wanted sleeeep.
Morning brought the masquerade feedback panel, which ended up being a give-the-contestants-their-awards-and-prizes panel. O.o Which only one participant came and got theirs at. The rest had to pick theirs up at con-ops later.

Having done nearly everything I needed to do, I went to go see the Para Para workshop and found out they didn't come. So the cafe maids took over for an impromptu karaoke/dance thing for about an hour/hour and a half before cosplay chess took over the Pavilion. Ended up watching the anime rooms for 3 hours (even though they said an hour), and went to feedback session with the rest of the staff, then closing ceremonies.

Afterwards, I finally had the chance to jump in the pool and jacuzzi for a little bit, talked with people, went back up to the room to shower, and had pizza with the rest of the staff at the dead dog party. Ended up sleeping Sunday night in the con suite and going to school Monday. x.x 'Twas hell.

That's basically it for the con. Done. ><

Oh. And it's all Hector's fault.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Anime Conji - Day 2 (Saturday)

...Only to be RUDELY awakened by Lanae at about 8:30 AM (the rest of us going WTF, why'd you have to do that? DDD:<<<<) and a call from Di (Lyndsey's mom) down in programming ops that EvilBishounen was downstairs waiting me and apparently Reg can't find his badge (which I remember sticking his name on a badge). FML. x.x

I rushed over, tried to find his badge (yes, it was there), and rushed upstairs to take a shower before Greg opened the con-suite. Got changed, brushed my teeth, and it was off to go get Rebecca and another guest for the Masquerade 101 panel. Went well, fair turn-out considering the size of the con, and a couple press there too, which I had no clue how to handle.

While waiting for the first musician to arrive, I went around trying to get people to sign up for the masquerade last-minute (found out from Rebecca that there weren't many), and basically made a fool of myself. :D

Music Festival was okay, but I wasn't there for about half of the musicians' arrivals. >< But apparently it went well. Got to hang out with a couple before heading back to the masquerade room for the meeting, then to the Pavilion tent to set it all up for the masquerade! T-T

Oh my gosh, so much time, work, and stress went into this damn event. Note to con: invest in backdrop for press photos, for the hotel may not be able to provide tablecloths and duct tape next time. Masquerade went well, judging took a little bit more time than I thought and many more prizes were donated for the awards than needed. Awards were announced, and Pavilion got cleaned up for the 21+ Rum Party. The "Gothic Lolita Ball" was all over the place for some reason. People's music tastes kept changing, and it was weird.

Meanwhile, the 21+ Pirate Rum Party apparently wasn't as fun as the all-ages. But they still had a good time nonetheless. I was back in the staff/guest lounge hanging out with everyone else trying to unwind and getting some edible substance in my system finally, and crashed again really late.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Life Update

Something non-con related...
I've been working on a massive (to me. D:) amount of homework that I missed, and now I've ended up sick again. T-T It's just an occasional cough, blowing of the nose, and the roof of my mouth is sore. I hope I don't get what I got last time. >< That sucked monkey balls...

One more month of school until I get a break, and then I get to start up summer classes. x.x

.....I'm really craving saimin. T-T

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Anime Conji - Day 1 (Friday)

Woke up to the sound of several attendees waiting in line by the reg table. So many people came to register on-site Friday morning, that we ran out of badges and paper to print them. A lot of people had to wait for multiple hours just to get a badge. I felt so horrible for them. Pre-reg = good idea, yes?

Not only were there several attendees already there, but one of the DJs I had asked to come down was waiting for me down at con-ops. >< Sorry for taking so long, Kyle!
The Meet-The-Guests event started a bit late, and Wendee Lee showed up in time for it. I got some really good mango sorbet, thanks to the hotel <3

Meanwhile, members of the Black Crystals started to show up at reg, most of the line was still waiting, and Hector was losing his head. But the con suite, workshops, and panels were underway and running smoothly.

After everyone had ice cream, the voice actors all went inside for their panel (15 minutes late, might I add), and Markiss, Vince, and I started prepping the Pavilion for the dance. So I had DJ Aura come to set up his laptop, 6:30 rolls around and by a miracle force, Amaya, Hatman, and Hatman's cameraman show up from LA area. Set up goes well, dance gets underway, and HECTOR comes through the doors and surprisingly dances. I had no words for it... x.x

We thought that the hotel didn't tell their other guests about the convention, because they were apparently getting complaints up the wazoo by this time. The hotel liaison from the Doubletree Club Brenda kept having to come over to the tent and telling us to turn it down. Finally, she put her foot down and we had to end it an hour early. Said by to the DJs, they left, and off to the Rum Party I go.

Hung out with a very friendly Tadao, Koko, Tom, Adriel, and JD along with some others who I can't remember at the moment. I went back to the con suite and decided not to sleep there due to the crowd of maids, found out that there was a staff/guest lounge (yay!) with food and water (holy hell, I'm there.), and crashed there for the night...