Saturday, May 8, 2010

Anime Conji - Day 3 (Sunday)

And once again, woke up around 8:30. How the hell do I do that? D: I wanted sleeeep.
Morning brought the masquerade feedback panel, which ended up being a give-the-contestants-their-awards-and-prizes panel. O.o Which only one participant came and got theirs at. The rest had to pick theirs up at con-ops later.

Having done nearly everything I needed to do, I went to go see the Para Para workshop and found out they didn't come. So the cafe maids took over for an impromptu karaoke/dance thing for about an hour/hour and a half before cosplay chess took over the Pavilion. Ended up watching the anime rooms for 3 hours (even though they said an hour), and went to feedback session with the rest of the staff, then closing ceremonies.

Afterwards, I finally had the chance to jump in the pool and jacuzzi for a little bit, talked with people, went back up to the room to shower, and had pizza with the rest of the staff at the dead dog party. Ended up sleeping Sunday night in the con suite and going to school Monday. x.x 'Twas hell.

That's basically it for the con. Done. ><

Oh. And it's all Hector's fault.

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