Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Anime Conji - Day 2 (Saturday)

...Only to be RUDELY awakened by Lanae at about 8:30 AM (the rest of us going WTF, why'd you have to do that? DDD:<<<<) and a call from Di (Lyndsey's mom) down in programming ops that EvilBishounen was downstairs waiting me and apparently Reg can't find his badge (which I remember sticking his name on a badge). FML. x.x

I rushed over, tried to find his badge (yes, it was there), and rushed upstairs to take a shower before Greg opened the con-suite. Got changed, brushed my teeth, and it was off to go get Rebecca and another guest for the Masquerade 101 panel. Went well, fair turn-out considering the size of the con, and a couple press there too, which I had no clue how to handle.

While waiting for the first musician to arrive, I went around trying to get people to sign up for the masquerade last-minute (found out from Rebecca that there weren't many), and basically made a fool of myself. :D

Music Festival was okay, but I wasn't there for about half of the musicians' arrivals. >< But apparently it went well. Got to hang out with a couple before heading back to the masquerade room for the meeting, then to the Pavilion tent to set it all up for the masquerade! T-T

Oh my gosh, so much time, work, and stress went into this damn event. Note to con: invest in backdrop for press photos, for the hotel may not be able to provide tablecloths and duct tape next time. Masquerade went well, judging took a little bit more time than I thought and many more prizes were donated for the awards than needed. Awards were announced, and Pavilion got cleaned up for the 21+ Rum Party. The "Gothic Lolita Ball" was all over the place for some reason. People's music tastes kept changing, and it was weird.

Meanwhile, the 21+ Pirate Rum Party apparently wasn't as fun as the all-ages. But they still had a good time nonetheless. I was back in the staff/guest lounge hanging out with everyone else trying to unwind and getting some edible substance in my system finally, and crashed again really late.

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