Thursday, January 7, 2010

For better or for worse?

I'm starting to believe this is for the better.
As if things couldn't get more complicated, SDSU disqualified me for a year.
So now I have to face my family..............AFTER Anime LA. xD


Now to get out of the county....
Oh well. Let's face it: I never liked SDSU, and I really want to go back to SWC to transfer to a UC. This is what I want, not what my family wants.
WTF. I've never wanted to punch myself as much as I do right now.
-feels like a total asshole and idiot-

Here's hoping my friends and LA will cheer me up.


  1. Of course, she wouldn't listen to me when I said she should rethink going to SDSU. >_>

    For better, BTW.

  2. You should know me by now! D:
    I always tend to learn things the hard way.