Wednesday, August 5, 2009

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1. Nattou
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A negative term directed to anyone overly obsessed with Japanese culture to the point where they become annoying.Used frequently on the image boards of 4chan.

Most Nattou are uneducated about their obsession of choice and are often noobs who are overly zealous, trying to impress others with their otaku knowledge. Another trait of a Nattou is their desire to "be Japanese".

While the two terms are often fused together, Nattou are very different from anime fans or enthusiasts. A fan may be just as enthusiastic and knowlegable
about Japanese culture, mainly anime, but they neither boast about their knowledge nor call themselves otaku(because of its known negative connatation).

Nattou: Liek OMG, did anyone see the J-rock concert at PMX last night! LOLZ Shin is SO HOTT!!!

Humble anime fan: STFU Nattou.

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