Monday, April 19, 2010

Anime Conji - Day 0 (Thursday)

Note: This is what I remember happening at the con. If there's anything that you find incorrect, tell me! D:

For me, the con started Thursday afternoon. I went and got lunch, and air pump (finally!) for my mattress, and got dropped off at the hotel to wait for Ryan, Di, and Lapis (chair, vice, and chibi-chair). In the meantime, I noticed that the hotel had already set up several tables outside by the pool and inside in the lobby. Once the chairs got there, we all went up to the con-suite, where I would be crashing for the entire con, dropped off our luggage, and settled down. It wasn't long before more staff started showing up, so we got started on organizing and printing more pre-reg badges.

People were supposed to pick up other people and their crap, so I ended up going with Erron (security) to pick up Greg (con-suite) and all his food/drinks. As soon as we got back we cracked open a case of Mountain Dew and started up on the badges again. Chaz ended up coming by the con-suite for a little while, and I got my picture taken while putting names on badges. :3

Ryan was gracious enough to buy us all delicious midnight Mexican food at 1 am (thank you Ryan! <3) and we went to go hang out in the dealer's hall with Barrie & Hector while we ate. Everyone else crashed at 3, but Hector managed to reel me into helping him set up the tables in the lobby for about an hour. Went to bed at around 5 am with 5 cans of soda and 2/3 of a California burrito in my system on my air mattress.

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